Delivery Status Widget for Mac Help

If you’re having trouble with our Delivery Status widget for Mac, first make sure you’re using the latest version of the widget. Mac OS X 10.5.1 (Leopard) or later is required. You can check your version of OS X by choosing “About this Mac” from your Apple menu. If you’re still having problems, consult the list of common questions below! Just click on a question to see the answer.

Please note: This page refers to our Dashboard widget, not to be confused with the new Notification Center widgets (also called Today widgets) in OS X Yosemite. See here for information on our Mac app and the Today widget that’s included with it.

Current Status

Updated November 19th: Delivery Status 6.2.4 fixes most known problems. If you’re having problems with USPS, the latest service update should fix it. See the latest service updates.

Common Questions

Why doesn't Royal Mail show my tracking information?

Why does nothing happen when I “click to sign in”?

Why is my delivery “Not Found”?

Why do the yellow (or gray) tooltips appear even when Dashboard is closed?

Can the widget sync with iCloud?

Why does the widget keep asking for my password?

How do I track an EMS shipment?

Why doesn't the “Other” option show my tracking details?

I restarted my computer and I'm not getting notifications!

How do I copy and paste in the widget?

Why isn’t DHL GlobalMail working?

Syncing is working for some deliveries, but not others. How can I fix this?

How do I add a delivery?

How can I see my complete tracking details?

My favorite store or delivery company isn’t listed. Will you add it?

Are my passwords sent securely? Is anything sent through your server?

My question isn’t listed here!


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