Why is my delivery “Not Found”?

Here are some tips when a delivery is “not found”:

  • Your shipment may not show up in the company’s tracking system right away. The “view details online” button will show the shipping company’s web site. If you see a “not found” error there as well, it may not be in their system yet. Try checking again tomorrow.
  • Make sure the service you’re trying to use is supported. For example DHL has many different tracking services, and FedEx UK has a separate tracking service that’s not currently supported. This list of supported services has notes about options that aren’t currently supported.
  • Make sure the service matches the number you’ve entered. For example, if you select Amazon, you need to enter an Amazon order number. If you want to enter a UPS tracking number you need to select UPS, even if it was shipped from Amazon. Also if you ordered from Amazon.com, make sure you’ve selected Amazon.com rather than Amazon.de, for example. If you have a link to your tracking page, try pasting that into the app—often this will select the right settings automatically. Learn about other ways to add deliveries here.
  • Make sure you’ve entered your order number or tracking number exactly. For example, Amazon orders must include the dashes.
  • Email addresses and passwords are usually case sensitive. If you signed up with the address Mike@example.com, but you enter mike@example.com, you may not be able to log in.
  • For Apple orders you paid for with Apple Pay, use the default email address in your Apple Pay settings rather than your Apple ID. You can also check the address your order confirmation email was sent to—or look at the “Billing Contact” email address listed there.
  • Double-check that you’ve entered everything in the correct fields. One common mistake is accidentally entering the tracking number in the item name field.
  • If these suggestions aren’t helping, please contact us. If you don’t mind sharing your tracking number, include it in your email, and we’ll check it for problems.


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