Delivery Status Service Updates

146October 31stUpdated for changes to Amazon, TNT Express Australia, and Royal Mail. Improvements for UPS, Parcelforce, and DHL Germany.
145September 30thFixes an error with the previous update.
144September 30thUpdated for changes to DHL Express. Improvements for DHL GlobalMail and Apple.
143August 30thImprovements for Post Austria and DHL GlobalMail.
142August 11thUpdated for changes to Parcelforce. Improvements for UPS.

The latest versions of Delivery Status can download service updates automatically. These are just instructions that let Delivery Status know how to look up your delivery information. If FedEx or Apple changes their web site, we can just publish a service update, and you'll get it automatically, without having to download a whole new app.

If you have Delivery Status set up to sync with Junecloud, you'll automatically receive service updates when you sync, if they're available. If you haven't turned on syncing, Delivery Status will check for updates once a week, or once a day if there's a problem.

Usually you don't need to do anything—it just works. But if you think something's wrong, you can reset your service updates and force them to refresh immediately.

How to force Delivery Status touch (for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) to update:

How to force Delivery Status for Mac to update:


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