Mail to Deliveries

If you subscribe to Deliveries and enable Junecloud sync, you can you to forward email messages with tracking information to add them to Deliveries. The service will attempt to find your tracking details in the message, and add a new delivery to your account.

How to get started

  • Make sure you’re subscribed to Deliveries.
  • Sign in to Junecloud sync on your devices.
  • Open the Junecloud sync settings and use the “Turn on Mail to Deliveries” link to get your Mail to Deliveries address. We recommend adding this address to the Contacts app, or the address book for your email account.
  • When you receive an email with tracking information, forward it to your Mail to Deliveries address. A new delivery will be added to your account, and it will appear in the app the next time it syncs. If the message includes a tracking number that was already added to your account, the delivery will be updated instead of creating a new one.
  • If you want to verify an email was received, open the Junecloud sync settings and look for the review recent messages link. This includes details of how the message was handled.

Important tips

  • Don’t share your Mail to Deliveries address with others unless you want them to be able to add deliveries to your account. If necessary, you can disable Mail to Deliveries from Junecloud sync settings, then enable it again to get a new address.
  • Make sure you don’t have any text selected when you forward the email. This may result in only part of the email being forwarded, which won’t work as well.
  • If the email is only partially downloaded, and you see an alert asking “Download rest of message first?” it’s a good idea to choose “Yes”.
  • Mail to Deliveries works best with official emails—for example if an online store sends you a tracking number, or a carrier tells you a shipment is on the way. For other types of messages, a tracking link that includes the tracking number is the easiest way to find your information. If the message just has a tracking number by itself, it may not be detected unless the carrier is mentioned as well.
  • Mail to Deliveries will try to find the item name in the email, but if it can’t find one, the subject line will be used instead. You can customize the item name by changing the subject line.
  • There are a few specific types of messages where Mail to Deliveries will recognize more than one tracking number. In most cases, it will only detect one tracking number per message.
  • Mail to Deliveries can’t find tracking numbers in attachments, like PDFs.

If you’re automatically forwarding emails

  • Closely monitor what’s happening until you’re certain it’s working correctly, and not sending the same emails over and over. Your account may be blocked if the service receives many emails in a short time that appear to be the same. Open the Junecloud sync settings and use the review recent messages link to review messages that were recently forwarded to your account.
  • If you set up automatic forwarding from Gmail, the confirmation email should be automatically forwarded back to you so you can get your confirmation code.

If you’re using our previous email forwarding address

  • If you’re forwarding emails to our previous address, you can continue using it for now. However, we do recommend getting a Mail to Deliveries address as soon as it’s convenient. There are several improvements that make it easier to use, and our old address will be discontinued eventually.
  • Previously it was necessary to add each email address you wanted to forward emails from. This is no longer necessary. If you previously added additional email addresses to your account, you can remove them from the Junecloud sync settings if you choose.

If you have any feedback or questions, contact us.


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