Deliveries for iOS Help

Current Status

Updated January 29th: Deliveries 7.0 for iOS fixes most known problems. See the latest service updates.

Getting Started

Common Questions

Why am I not receiving any notifications?

Why is the app crashing when I tap "view details online"?

Does Deliveries work with Amazon's two-step verification?

What should I do if iCloud isn't working?

How do I find an archived delivery?

Why is my Apple order “Not Found”?

Why isn't the Today widget showing all of my deliveries?

Why is my delivery “Not Found”?

Does the app have to be open to get notifications?

Why am I getting duplicate events with the “Add to calendar” option?

How do I delete a delivery?

How do I track an EMS shipment?

Why doesn't the “Other” option show my tracking details?

Why is the map sometimes incorrect?

Why isn’t DHL GlobalMail working?

How can I turn off the notification sounds?

Syncing is working for some deliveries, but not others. How can I fix this?

My favorite store or delivery company isn’t listed. Will you add it?

Are my passwords sent securely? Is anything sent through your server?

My question isn't listed here!

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