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Deliveries 2.0.1 for Mac

Requires a Mac with OS X 10.11 or later. Also available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

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If you have any questions, please see Deliveries for Mac Help.

Deliveries helps you keep track of all your packages, so you always know when they’re going to arrive. Whether it’s the latest gadget you’ve preordered online, or a new graphic novel you can’t wait to dive into, Deliveries will keep tabs on it so you don’t miss the doorbell.

The main list shows a summary of all your shipments and counts down the days. Select a delivery for more information, and see where it is on a map. If you like you can view the shipping company’s web page, or easily share your shipment over email, iMessage, or AirDrop. Deliveries can even add estimated delivery dates to your calendar, and a Notification Center widget lets you quickly check your packages without opening the app. All your old deliveries are archived so you can look them up again if you need to.

Deliveries supports dozens of services, including UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service, DHL, TNT, Canada Post, City Link, Royal Mail, DPD, and many more. You can also track orders from services like Amazon and Apple, even before they ship. (Some services are limited to specific countries—visit for details.) If you have packages from other services, just select “Other” and enter a delivery date and web site—so you can check on them when you need to and still keep everything in one place.

Deliveries is also available for iOS, in a single app that supports iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. You can sync your deliveries between devices with iCloud or our own Junecloud sync. If you create a Junecloud account, you can add new shipments from any web browser.


Deliveries is available in English, German (translated by Jennifer Brehm), Japanese (Nobtaka Nukui and Justin McPeak), and French (Thierry Di Lenarda).

Update history

New in version 2.0.1

  • Adding a delivery to Reminders now works correctly.
  • La Poste now includes Colissimo.
  • Improvements for Amazon, Poste Italiane, DPD Germany, and UPS.
  • Improved tracking number detection.
  • Improvements to Amazon sign in.
  • When you copy a delivery and paste it in a text field, the name of the item is now included.
  • If you’re adding an Other delivery and leave http:// off the web site address, it will now be added for you.
  • Fixed a bug where the Deliveries window could appear in the background when syncing with iCloud.
  • Fixed a bug where opening a .deliveries file didn’t always work.
  • Fixed a possible crash when opening files.
  • When the main app is open, the Today widget will no longer update on its own. This shouldn’t be very noticeable. It’s a temporary workaround to the problem of not being able to sign in to Amazon in the widget.
  • Fixed a bug where using Quick Look on a .deliveries file might incorrectly show “Deleted Item”.
  • A few other minor improvements.

New in version 2.0

  • Complete iCloud sync: the entire state of your deliveries is now synced when you use iCloud. That includes the current status, which allows for faster and more efficient updates in many cases. It also includes archived and deleted items, so your archive should match across devices. (When syncing the first time, only the past 30 days will be included.)
  • See the full route on the map: for many services, you can now see the path of where your package has been in addition to its current location. This makes sharing deliveries more fun too.
  • More ways to add deliveries: select text in another app (like Mail or Safari), right-click, choose “Share”, and then “Add to Deliveries”. Don’t worry about selecting just the tracking number, it should find it if you select too much.
  • Clipboard detection: click the + button and you’ll see suggestions based on your clipboard there. To add the first suggestion all you have to do is press return.
  • Swipe to archive: with a trackpad or Magic Mouse you can swipe to archive a delivery, or delete an already archived delivery.
  • A fresh look: the new system font is now used throughout, and an adjusted detail view focuses more on the information you care about.
  • Search for help: you can now search our support pages right in the Help menu.
  • Adjustable split view: just drag the divider wherever you like.
  • For a delivery with multiple packages, you can now click the “1 of 2” badge in the list to show the next package.
  • If the main app is open, it will now respond instantly if you add a delivery with the “Add to Deliveries” extension.
  • Adding the same delivery more than once with the “Add to Deliveries” extension will now update the delivery instead of adding a duplicate. This change also addresses a bug where you might have gotten duplicates even though you only added it once.
  • The badge number on the icon should now roughly match the number of deliveries that have changed, instead of just increasing each time there’s a notification. If you archive a delivery from a notification or on another device, the number will decrease by one, and notifications for that delivery will be cleared.
  • If a delivery changes after it’s delivered, and it’s still showing as delivered, it will no longer trigger a notification. These changes are rarely of interest.
  • Previously if Notification Center was open and a delivery changed, you wouldn’t get a notification. That is no longer the case, as long as the parent app is running.
  • When there’s a serious error, you now have the option of resetting the app’s data.
  • New security features in OS X allow the app to enforce minimum security requirements when it connects to each service.
  • Significant improvements and bug fixes for Amazon orders.
  • DHL UK tracking is now part of DHL Express.
  • Adobe tracking no longer requires a user name and password.
  • “Other” shipments no longer check the web site for changes. This feature was confusing and rarely worked well. “Other” is now completely manual—it’s a way for you to keep track of shipments that can’t be tracked automatically.
  • Added support for URLs like deliveries://add/
  • Fixed a bug where date counts did not always update promptly at midnight.
  • When a delivery with multiple shipments is re-ordered, the app should do a better job of keeping your selected shipment showing.
  • Improved accuracy of map locations.
  • Improved the display of map errors and made the text easier to read.
  • Fixed several possible crashes.
  • Many other bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • Note: OS X 10.11 is now required.

Supported services

  • US and Canada only
  • Amazon Including,,,,,,,, and,, as well as Amazon Payments. When you track an Amazon order you’ll get tracking details from many of the shipping companies they use, including the US Postal Service, UPS, OnTrac, LaserShip, Ensenda, Prestige, and more.
  • Including all international stores.
  • Aramex Shop and Ship deliveries only.
  • Australia Post
  • Canada Post (Postes Canada)
  • Chronopost (France)
  • City Link
  • DHL Including Express deliveries in most countries, US GlobalMail, UK Domestic Express, and Germany. We do not currently support DHL Express Germany, UK Domestic Express, SmartMail, DHL ActiveTracing, or DHL Freight.
  • DPD Germany. We do not currently support DPD UK.
  • FedEx Including most countries, as well as FedEx SmartPost. We do not currently support FedEx UK.
  • GLS Including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Spain
  • Hermes Logistik Gruppe (HLG) Germany only.
  • Hongkong Post
  • Japan Post Including EMS, Yu-Pack, Registered Mail, and Morning 10 Overnight Mail. We do not currently support JP Express.
  • La Poste (France)
  • LaserShip
  • OnTrac
  • Parcelforce
  • Post (Austria)
  • Post Danmark
  • Poste Italiane
  • Posten (Norway) Including Bring.
  • Posten (Sweden)
  • PostNL (formerly TNT Post Netherlands)
  • Purolator We do not currently support Purolator International.
  • Royal Mail
  • Sagawa Express
  • Swiss Post
  • TNT Includes most countries, as well as TNT Express Australia. We do not currently support TNT UK, TNT France, or TNT Italia.
  • UPS and UPS Mail Innovations We do not currently support UPS Freight, UPS i-parcel, or UPS Air Cargo.
  • U.S. Postal Service (USPS, United States Postal Service or US Post Office)
  • Yamato Transport (Kuroneko)
  • Yodel
  • Other You can manually add other packages from other services by entering a web site, delivery date, and other info.