Welcome to Junecloud!

When I first started running my own business full time a few years back, I really wasn’t sure how long it would last. It’s been stressful, it’s been hard work, but it’s also been fun and rewarding. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of great people. I’ve also spent more and more time on my software—it started out as a hobby, but now I’m making a fair amount of income just in donations. (Thank you!)

It’s clear now that I’m in this for the long haul, and I won’t be giving up my business any time soon. So I figured it was time to make it all a bit more official. After a good month or two I finally came up with a company name that both sounded good and had an available .com address: Junecloud. June was my grandmother’s name and the month my mother and I were born in. Cloud brings to mind some beautiful images and it’s also a symbol of that nebulous thing that’s at the heart of what I do: the internet. I think it’s perfect. On August 15th, 2008, the paperwork was filed, and Junecloud LLC was formed.

Right now I’m the sole employee of Junecloud, but my hope is that this is just the beginning. I’ve been hiring Holly Tickner for contract work more frequently—she created the charming illustrations above. Hopefully I’ll find more talented people to work with in the future. (If you’re interested, drop me a line).

Thanks everyone, for all of your support. Here’s to many more years of great design and software!


Mike Piontek


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Alysson wrote on September 20, 2008:

Congratulations! I really like the name. It is original and unassuming - it doesn’t box you into anything. The pictures are really cute, too!

Just thought I’d share my 1st impressions (since there are no other comments). The best of luck!

BTW - I just bought delivery status touch. I love the widget delivery status an look forward to using the iPhone app!


Galley wrote on September 21, 2008:

Great name, and great design!


Frank wrote on November 10, 2008:

Penguin VS. Squirrel… Robot as the ref. Make it happen.

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