Business Cards

My new business cards finally showed up today, and they look awesome.

Same as with the site, Holly Tickner drew the illustrations, and I designed the rest. I wanted to use the robot illustration on the front of the cards, but I couldn’t work out a layout I was happy with. The paper airplane fit in perfectly, but my initial thought was that it seemed a little inappropriate to have on the front of my business cards… I guess because it’s been overused as a way to show a kid goofing off in class, someone that doesn’t take things seriously. Eventually I realized it was a perfect symbol: it’s just a plain piece of paper, but with a little ingenuity it can fly as far 112 feet. That’s exactly what Junecloud aims to do: start simple and make something amazing.

I had wanted to order them from Moo but I got a bit frustrated with their system—I don’t think it’s an ideal setup if you already have a precise, finished design. Their cards are also a non-standard size (at least in the US) and I already had finished art at 3.5 x 2 inches.

So I ended up getting them from PSPrint—we had some postcards printed there for Tense Forms and those came out great, so I was pretty sure I’d be happy with the quality. Like Moo, they have an online tool to upload your artwork, but in this case you’re expected to supply the art in a precise format, and you have fewer options for making adjustments in your browser. It made me feel more confident they would come out as I expected. I ordered 250 cards on 13 pt., 100% recycled matte, color on both sides. 250 was the minumum to have them printed on an offset press, which seemed preferable to a digital press to me. Total cost with shipping: $46.13. Not bad at all!

As for the rounded corners: PSPrint does offer die cutting, but their minimum order is 500. To get what I wanted it would have cost me $250… I’d have twice the cards, but it’ll likely be years before I even get through 250 of them. Fortunately I have a Marvy Corner Punch I picked up at a craft store a few years back. Doing one corner at a time is a little tedious, but since I go through cards slowly there’s no need to do them all at once. I knocked out a couple dozen in a few minutes. Well worth saving 200 bucks, and the end result looks great.


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Tim Van Damme

Tim Van Damme wrote on October 31, 2008:

I think you owe me at least one of those for all the translation work I’ve done for you ;)
Kidding, but I would love to have one!


LiviaCH wrote on November 20, 2008:

Wow - these are wonderful!


Gabe wrote on December 8, 2008:

Your software including the widget apps are so outstanding that mostly anyone would hardly mimic out of!

Johan Bakken

Johan Bakken wrote on December 16, 2008:

I love ‘em!


Blagoj wrote on December 17, 2008:

Very nice looking cards. Check Print100 next time you need cards. I did few hundred cards with them, great quality, and rounded corners are cheap.

Azhar Chougle

Azhar Chougle wrote on January 14, 2009:

Used PSPrint based on your recco, they got it printed in less than a day even though i only paid for Economy turnaround. Support was snappy. Waiting for them (won’t be as cool as yours though, simply slick design you did there), UPS Ground for free ain’t bad at all.

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