Junecloud Status

Uptime Report for junecloud.com

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Junecloud.com and Juncloud Sync

Updated December 15th: No known issues. View live uptime reports.


Visit Apple's iCloud status page to see the current status of their Documents in the Cloud service. This service affects iCloud syncing in Delivery Status and Notefile.

Delivery Status for iOS

Updated April 11th: Delivery Status 5.1 fixes most known problems.

Delivery Status for Mac

Updated November 26th: Delivery Status 6.0 fixes all known problems and includes full support for OS X Mavericks.

Delivery Status service updates

143August 30thImprovements for Post Austria and DHL GlobalMail.
142August 11thUpdated for changes to Parcelforce. Improvements for UPS.
141July 23rdUpdated for changes to Poste.it. Improved error handling for FedEx.
140July 12thImprovements for Post.at.
139July 12thImprovements for Royal Mail.

Delivery Status downloads service updates automatically to fix problems with the services we support. Learn more about service updates.


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Notefile 2.1.1 for iOS Available on the App Store Notefile lets you make quick notes and view them easily, on all your devices.…