Delivery Status 4.3 beta 3

PLEASE NOTE: Based on your feedback I’ve decided that the installer will no longer be included with Delivery Status—it is now a standard widget download, just like any other. Because of the new History button I’m sure… Read more »

New Automator Actions beta 2

I’ve been working on some updates to my automator actions for a while now, and I figure this is a good time to finally kick them out the door. These new versions fix some bugs in Leopard and add a number of new… Read more »

Smart Widget Installer beta

If you use Delivery Status, the screen above probably looks familiar. I’m taking the installer out of Delivery Status and splitting it off into its own app. Why? For one, I think forcing the installer on people has made… Read more »

Sending a web page as an email

First off, let me preface this by saying that I don’t recommend sending just any web page by email. In general, email clients are much picker than web browsers and can vary quite a bit in how HTML is displayed. If… Read more »

Block certain sites at certain times of the day

It’s hard not to waste time on the internet. While I’m working during the day I tend to spend my idle time reading news feeds and posting on message boards. I don’t mind the former, but I inevitably waste far too… Read more »

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