June 16, 2009. Above: Apple’s live App Store wall at WWDC. It showed icons of 20,000 iPhone apps, organized by color. When an app was purchased, its icon rippled. It was also a great illustration of what WWDC is like: it’s a huge clusterfuck that makes you feel totally insignificant. But it’s also pretty beautiful and inspiring if you step back and take it all in. Last week I went to WWDC for the first… Read more »

May 1, 2009. We’d love to hear what you think of Delivery Status. We can’t promise to add any of these features, but your feedback will help us figure out what to focus on as we improve Delivery Status in the future. Click here to take the poll! Read more »

February 10, 2009. Quite a while back I decided to abandon my Bluetooth Switch and Firewall Switch widgets. I had already started on new versions of them, but they no longer worked in Leopard, few people seemed to be interested, and I didn’t have a lot of free time to spend on them. I can’t say I have any more free time these days, but I have learned a few things that made updating these pretty simple—so I… Read more »

February 7, 2009. Extend your Dock or desktop onto your Dashboard. Create visual shortcuts to your favorite sites. Create a button to open new widgets. Or just decorate your Dashboard. Just by dropping a file or two onto Plus, you can: • Create a widget that launches any application, widget, file, folder, or web address just by dropping it onto Plus. It’s perfect for quick access to things you don’t… Read more »

January 19, 2009. The old Delivery Status graphics system When I started the Delivery Status widget it didn’t support many services. I wanted each service to be visually distinct, so I created entirely separate graphics for each one. It was sensible at the time, but as I started adding more services it turned into a hassle. Each service was four separate graphics (left, middle, right, and logo) for each size… Read more »