July 20, 2011. The latest version of Mac OS X, Lion, is now available, and you may be wondering if our apps and widgets are compatible. We’re pleased to announce that most of our software already works great in Lion: • Delivery Status 5.5 or later is compatible. • Notefile 1.0 or later is compatible. • Bluetooth Switch 2.1 is compatible. • Junecode Widget 3.0 beta 3 is… Read more »

April 27, 2011. Notefile is a project I’ve had kicking around for a long time. It all started with Dashboard and Apple’s default Stickies widget. The biggest annoyance I’ve had with Stickies is that it doesn’t support undo. Accidentally delete something, and it’s gone. Eventually Apple added notes to Mail. I thought I’d switch to that, and my frustrations would be gone. But the problem with Mail is that… Read more »

March 17, 2011. If you’re able to, please consider a donation to aid the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. To those in Japan, our hearts and thoughts are with you. • Donate to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami Fund • Donate using your iTunes account • Donate using your Amazon account • Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 Of course there are also many… Read more »

January 22, 2011. Five years ago, I bought a new iMac online. It was a custom order of a new model, which meant it would take an excruciating 3 to 4 weeks to ship. I was refreshing the order status constantly, and I realized that I’d save time if I created a Dashboard widget to check the status for me. So Apple Order Status was born, on January 22nd, 2006. In September I added Amazon support, and it became… Read more »

November 22, 2010. With all the great deals, this is the busiest time of the year for shopping. Delivery Status can make your online shopping a lot easier, so we want to let as many people try it out as possible. That’s why we’re giving away 20 free copies of the app today, and making it 40% off for a limited time. Just click one of the promo codes below to redeem it, or visit Delivery Status in iTunes where… Read more »