March 30, 2007. Check out the auction here. It’s a 12” iBook G4 with a 1.2GHz processor. It has the maximum RAM possible, 1.25GB. It has Bluetooth, AirPort Extreme, and a Combo Drive that plays DVDs and CDs, and burns CDs (CD-RW or CD-R). It has USB 2.0, FireWire, ethernet, and a built-in 56K modem as well. Mac OS X Tiger is included, along with Virtual PC and Windows XP Home. It even comes with a Booq Vyper… Read more »

March 23, 2007. If you’re subscribed to this site in your RSS reader, make sure you check out the new list of feeds. If you’re not subscribed to this site or don’t even have an RSS reader, take a look anyway to find out what you’re missing! Since the entire site runs on Tense Code, that means you’ll find an RSS feed for every section of the site. I imagine the most popular will be the feed for my software… Read more »

August 23, 2006. It has come to my attention that there may be some problems with my contact form. If you’ve tried to contact me and I haven’t responded, I’m very sorry. Please try again. You’re also welcome to leave a comment below, just be sure to give me a way to get in touch with you. Thank you! Read more »

May 6, 2006. Stop by your local comic shop, say hello, and grab a free comic! I’m off to do that myself right now. There’s a free Scott Pilgrim comic by Bryan Lee O’Malley I’m keen on picking up. If you’re in Michigan, stop by Comic City. Best comic shops I’ve ever been to and they’re owned by wonderful people. Read more »

January 27, 2006. Saturday, January 28th (that’s tomorrow as of this writing) Tense Forms will be hosting our first winter showcase (after a couple of successful ones in the summer) at the Subterranean in Chicago. It’s called 800 Winters and there will be music from five bands, a debut play, and visual art from 25 artists (including myself, and the illustration above). I’ll be there too, having a good time. I… Read more »