December 22, 2005. I’d like to mention a new album briefly, Uh-Oh by the Notes and Scratches. I designed both the site and the album art, but what really shines here is the music—It’s a lovely record that’s been getting generous amounts of praise: “Dumas and crew do almost nothing disagreeable and, with near-nauseating charisma, charm to no end. “Uh-Oh” deserves multiple, multiple listens.”… Read more »

January 24, 2005. The first volume of Robot arrived at my door today, by way of It’s a compilation of short manga and illustrations by Range Murata, Shigeki Maeshima, and quite a few others. It’s entirely gorgeous, if a bit disturbing in spots. Sadly, I can barely read a word of it, as everything of consequence is in Japanese. Read more »