Subtle Changes, Drastic Results

In February I made some changes to Tense Radio, a Flash-based MP3 player for Tense Forms (a label and publisher I co-founded). The new player had a variety of subtle changes. Previously it used a default buffering… Read more »

Making RSS more presentable with XSLT

RSS is a very cool technology that’s quickly gaining in popularity. It’s like having your own newspaper, with only the news you care about. And instead of having to wait for the next day, it’s updated continually. While… Read more »

Please Pardon the Dust

The site was a bit of a mess today, unbeknownst to me. I was making some changes to the database for a new version of Tense Log, and one of those changes had some rather adverse effects here. While I’m on the… Read more »

Some Handy Bookmarklets for Web Designers

Bookmarklets (sometimes called Favelets) are just snippets of JavaScript that are stored in a bookmark. Click the bookmark and it runs a script, which can do a number of useful things. Below are a few that I use on a… Read more »

Stupid Things That Web Sites Do

Far too often I see a site do something that just doesn’t make sense. Here are just a few of these blunders. Playing music automatically… and then playing a video without pausing it. It’s amazing how often I see… Read more »

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