Help decide the future of Delivery Status!

We’d love to hear what you think of Delivery Status. We can’t promise to add any of these features, but your feedback will help us figure out what to focus on as we improve Delivery Status in the future. Click here to… Read more »

Macworld gives Delivery Status touch 4 and a half mice!

Macworld recently posted a very kind review of Delivery Status touch. Read more »

We’re giving away 30 free copies of Delivery Status touch!

Today we’re giving away 30 free copies of Delivery Status touch, for the iPhone and iPod touch! These codes are valid in the US store only. Just open iTunes, go to the iTunes Store, and click the “Redeem” link on the… Read more »

Switch widgets resurrected!

Quite a while back I decided to abandon my Bluetooth Switch and Firewall Switch widgets. I had already started on new versions of them, but they no longer worked in Leopard, few people seemed to be interested, and I… Read more »

Plus: the anything widget (beta)

Extend your Dock or desktop onto your Dashboard. Create visual shortcuts to your favorite sites. Create a button to open new widgets. Or just decorate your Dashboard. Just by dropping a file or two onto Plus, you… Read more »

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