Option + Shift + Backslash

Option + Shift + Backslash: » Option + Backslash: « I just had to share this for any other Mac users that care. I’d been opening up Special Characters in the Edit menu for years until I finally stumbled… Read more »

Delivery Status for iPhone

With all the talk about iPhone apps right now, I figure it’s time to make an official announcement. I can’t share a lot of details at the moment, but I am working on a version of Delivery Status for the iPhone (and iPod… Read more »

Junecloud: coming soon

Read more »

Tense Code 3.0: a quick tutorial

This entry is part of a series showing off the new features in Tense Code 3.0. Tense Code is a content management system that makes creating and updating web sites much easier. If you’re not familiar with how Tense… Read more »

Delivery Status 4.3 beta 3

PLEASE NOTE: Based on your feedback I’ve decided that the installer will no longer be included with Delivery Status—it is now a standard widget download, just like any other. Because of the new History button I’m sure… Read more »

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