Order Status is now Delivery Status!

It started out as Apple Order Status. Then I added Amazon and made it Order Status for Amazon and Apple. Now I’ve added FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL (US) tracking—hopefully making it the only widget you’ll need to track all your online orders. I’ve also greatly improved the accuracy of Amazon.com (US) delivery estimates, as well as Apple orders that ship via FedEx. A lot of other details have been tweaked as well.

Check out Delivery Status 2.5 now.

Hopefully I haven’t caused too much confusion with all the name changes! I expect this one to be absolutely final, as it’s appropriate for any other services I might add. Speaking of which, if there’s an online store you’re dying to check your orders from, please let me know here!


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Scott wrote on October 27, 2006:

I *love* Delivery Status! It is beautiful, simple, and helpful! Thanks so much.

If you get time and you’re looking to add features, etc., I do have a couple of questions/suggestions…

  • Would it be possible to show the last line of description on the FedEx (and UPS/DHL/USPS) tracking on the widget? i.e., "Departed FedEx Location BLOOMINGTON, CA, Oct 26, 2006, 2:14pm" "Delivery Exception" "On FedEx vehicle for delivery…" etc. This would especially help for FedEx, as their estimated delivery date is often two or three days after it is actually on the truck and delivered for some reason.
  • Could you make it possible to double-click the resize control to make the widget toggle between resized to smallest possible and back to the previous, expanded size? (like it does when you click the ‘i’ to flip over, but have it stop there without flipping, until you double-click the control again) I find myself expanding and collapsing it all day. :)
  • I have also have one bug — an Apple order that is being sent in two FedEx packages. Currently, if I put up a FedEx tracker it correctly lists estimated delivery for the first package in 3 days, where the Apple tracker still lists 5 days.

Again, these are only suggestions for icing on a most delicious widget cake! Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this. It’s truly a perfect widget — I have been spreading word around to all of my friends!


Thierry wrote on November 3, 2006:

I updated to v 2.5 this morning and since then, I have errors with my 2 Apple Store orders : "Not Found, Couldn’t connect"… Nethertheless, Amazon is still working fine.

Anyway, Great job Mike !!


Jordy wrote on November 3, 2006:

Nice widget, could do with TNT tracjing for the UK as that’s who Apple use to ship here.

Well done though.


IVANO wrote on November 3, 2006:

I have updated to v 2.5 this morning to. Apple Store don’t work.: "Not Found. Please check your settings. Couldn’t connect".



David wrote on November 3, 2006:

Same here, can’t connect to Apple Store anymore after updating this morning.

Winston Baccus

Winston Baccus wrote on November 3, 2006:

Ditto here.. Worked before, but with the new version released this morning, I can’t get my status with it anymore.

Mike Piontek

Mike Piontek wrote on November 3, 2006:

Unfortunately Apple changed their site this morning, which broke all versions of the widget. Right after I fixed a bunch of things, too! Their order status page is down at the moment, but I’m working to get another update out as soon as possible.

Jordy, please contact me if you’d like to help improve the widget. If you’re willing to share your order number and email address (or zip code) with me, I’ll get it working.


Jonas wrote on November 3, 2006:

Apparently I have the same problems.

But anyway, I wanted to thank you for your great work.
It takes only one little thing more to make it the only delivery widget I’ll ever use. Support for TNT. In Europe quite a bit of Apple orders are shipped via TNT… So if you have some time left to implement TNT support, that would be awsome.

Thanks again, Jonas


Shon wrote on November 3, 2006:

This widget is exactly what i was looking for. One feature request would be to be able to view the step-by-step tracking. (ATM i only have a DHL package with 1 step) and the delivery date isn’t updating properly.
Otherwise, this widget is the tits.

Mike Piontek

Mike Piontek wrote on November 3, 2006:

If any of you have an Apple Store order that has not shipped yet, please contact me as soon as possible!

I’ll be adding TNT support in the future.

Mike Piontek

Mike Piontek wrote on November 4, 2006:

The future is now! I’ve just implemented TNT tracking for the next version and I could use some help testing it. If you have a TNT shipment currently en route, please contact me!


BAM wrote on November 4, 2006:


I am trying to monitor an order I made from the Apple Store.
The machine is still being build, (ie not the time to look for www.apecode.com/appletrack/ just yet)

The lattest wiget release no longer read the order status. I found the difference in the URL. You are using (<- starting with a 0)
as a parametters

Using (<- starting with a 2)
Makes it work…

BTW: I also used the "contact" page of this site to send you a mail… it did not send anything… (firefox problem ?)
Take care,

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