Notefile: on the Mac App Store, iCloud, and more

Now available on the Mac App Store

Dashboard is great for simple widgets like Notefile that you need to use briefly but often. Unfortunately Dashboard has been a bit neglected by Apple, and it can’t even use some of the latest features like iCloud. There’s been some concern about the future of Dashboard as well—I’m always a little relieved to still see it any time Apple previews a major update to OS X. So we figure it’s time to get some apps in the Mac App Store.

Notefile is available on the Mac App Store today. It’s a full app, with a number of new features that aren’t available in our Dashboard widget. It can show in your Dock or your menu bar, and you can set a custom keyboard shortcut to get to your notes immediately, from anywhere. You can search for your notes in Spotlight or directly in the app. A history feature lets you recover notes you’ve deleted in the past 90 days. A “calculate” option lets you select math in your notes and calculate it instantly. You can also share your notes using the new sharing features in Mountain Lion, or view Notefile full screen when you need to focus. Of course, high resolution graphics are included for the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Notefile for iOS adds iCloud and more

A new version of our universal iOS app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is also available on the App Store. This update adds many of the same features, including iCloud sync, the 90 day history of deleted notes, the “calculate” option, and more.

This update is free if you bought a previous version. If you don’t already own it, it’s currently 40% off for a limited time.

Our Dashboard widget is still here

For those who prefer to keep using the Dashboard widget on their Mac, an update of our free widget is also available. This update adds high resolution graphics for the Retina Display and fixes a few bugs. Unfortunately iCloud syncing is only available for Mac App Store apps, so the widget can’t sync with iCloud directly. But we have figured out a way to enable iCloud syncing in the widget if you also buy and install the full Mac app. If you prefer the use the widget, you only have to run the app once, to enable iCloud syncing.

What makes it better than Apple’s Notes?

Well first of all, we don’t think Notefile is for everyone. There are a huge number of note taking apps, and there’s a reason for it: people spend a lot of time making notes, and if one little thing conflicts with the way they work, it’s a constant frustration when you’re just trying to get things done. Notefile is the app we wanted, though we think many of you will like it too. It’s designed to stay out the way, but you can get to it quickly with a keyboard shortcut of the click of an icon. We think it’s beautiful, but the design is subtle and minimal. The window shrinks down much smaller than most apps, so if you just want to keep a quick reminder in the corner of your screen, it’s no problem. And of course we have some unique features like the “calculate” option and the 90 day history for deleted notes.

But what about Delivery Status?

Some of you are probably thinking, okay, great, but why isn’t Delivery Status in the Mac App Store? Why doesn’t that have iCloud syncing? Well, we figured both of these things would be a lot of work. (They were.) And at its core, Notefile is basically just Delivery Status with a lot of things taken out, and some different graphics. That’s oversimplifying, but a lot of the work that went into these Notefile updates can be used directly in Delivery Status. By starting with Notefile we have something ready to release sooner. That makes our lives a lot easier.

So yes, we will have a Mac app and iCloud syncing for Delivery Status as well, though it will take some time. Thanks for your patience! In the meantime, we have updated our Delivery Status widget with Notification Center support and Retina Display graphics.


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Ralph F

Ralph F wrote on November 15, 2012:

Frustrating that it appears an update (v1.2) has been out for some time, yet it still doesn’t show up in the Mac App Store in my Updates pane.

Is this an Apple issue (insane delays between when an author submits an update to when it’s available in the updates pane; which seems to be happening a lot)?

Mike Piontek

Mike Piontek wrote on November 15, 2012:

The current version of the Mac app is 1.0.1. It’s the Dashboard widget that’s at version 1.2, since it’s been around a little longer.


Scott wrote on December 3, 2012:

Hi Mike,

Does Notefile support lists? I’ve noticed on the new Apple Notes app, dashes autocorrect into bulleted lists (which I like). Does Notefile have this feature?

Also, are there plans to support Markdown or RTF or something similar?


Mike Piontek

Mike Piontek wrote on December 4, 2012:

Scott: No automatic lists, Markdown, or RTF currently. We don’t have any definite plans at this point, but lists and some simple formatting (bold, italic) are possibilities in the future.

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