Improvements to Junecloud Sync

We recently gave Junecloud Sync a significant update. Most of the changes are behind the scenes, but here are some things worth noting:

  • The design has been refreshed, with a simpler look and Retina graphics on all devices.
  • You can use emoji in item names ?
  • There’s a new option to download your Junecloud Sync data.
  • You can also manage your Deliveries data in iCloud or manage your Notefile data in iCloud
  • Validation is improved when you add a delivery through the site. For example, if you enter something that’s not a URL in a “Web Site” field, you’ll get an error, and invalid characters are automatically removed from tracking numbers.
  • Emails that we send out automatically (to confirm accounts, and so on) have a new design that should help clarify what action you need to take.

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