Delivery Status for iPad: available now!

Coming soon very soon.

Update: We have a few more things to share with you:

  • Delivery Status touch 4.0 will be a universal app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
  • It will be a free update if you already own Delivery Status.
  • While the iPhone and iPod version has no major changes, it does have a fresh coat of paint, and you’ll find it easier to manually add new deliveries.
  • It will be available on the App Store this week.
  • Oh! I nearly forgot. We’ve also added support for OnTrac.

Update: Delivery Status touch 4.0—for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch—is now available in the App Store. We hope you enjoy it.


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sam wrote on March 26, 2010:

Hi Mike,
Will it be a universal app / free upgrade ?
Or a new app just for the iPad ?
on a completely different topic, i wanted to suggest something : the final delivery town is often indicated in UPS tracking for example, as well as the town where the package is currently located.

so in the google map, it’d be great to have those two cities pinned, and to show the distance between the two. that’d be more useful than the current city and the current GPS location, because sometimes we’re just out of town ;)

anyway, keep up the amazing work, and thanks for all !


sam wrote on March 26, 2010:

it looks amazing as usual, by the way :-D

Will Robertson

Will Robertson wrote on March 26, 2010:

More and more reasons I should get an iPad! Looks good.

John Kennedy

John Kennedy wrote on March 27, 2010:

Can’t wait! One of my most-used iPhone apps (and dashboard widgets).

Scott G

Scott G wrote on March 31, 2010:

Have you submitted this to the App Store for Approval yet?


.wo wrote on April 1, 2010:

/me bows.

I wish more developers did universal versions.
app management is becoming confusing.

Mike Piontek

Mike Piontek wrote on April 1, 2010:

Sam: Since the iPad version has a much greater focus on the map view, we’ll definitely be looking at ways we can make those maps even more useful.


baron wrote on May 2, 2010:

Dropped by to add a delivery. This app was an inspiration from the Dashboard days and it only keeps evolving and getting better. Just wanted to say thanks!

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