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Uh-Oh by the Notes and Scratches (front cover)

I'd like to mention a new album briefly, Uh-Oh by the Notes and Scratches. I designed both the site and the album art, but what really shines here is the music—It's a lovely record that's been getting generous amounts of praise:

"Dumas and crew do almost nothing disagreeable and, with near-nauseating charisma, charm to no end. "Uh-Oh" deserves multiple, multiple listens." —Tom Lynch, Newcity Chicago
"The credits list more esoteric instruments than a Gypsy pawn shop, but the nicely understated production lets them all bleed together into a hazy shimmer that gives "The Hours" and "The Cass Song" a palpable sense of ennui." —J. Niimi, Chicago Reader
"The album overall is warm and friendly and it gives the distinct impression of having been recorded with one mic in a big empty room…. Taken all together it's not so much high lonesome as lo-fi hopeful; just the thing for playing in the car on those winter nights riding home from the bar." —Steve McPpherson, Pulse of the Twin Cities

It's well deserving of this praise, and urge you to take a moment to listen to a few songs on Tense Radio. I say this not as a co-founder of the record label, nor a close friend of Mr. Dumas, but as someone who's been brought to tears by the weight and beauty of these songs. "The Hours" is easily the best song I've heard this year.

Uh-Oh by the Notes and Scratches (back cover)

Update: I'd like to add that Newcity Chicago chose Uh-Oh as one of the top five local albums of 2005.


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Baron wrote on January 1, 2006:

I just came here from tenseforms to commend you on the excellent work that you did on both the cover and the site. As I commented over there, this is possibly the most gorgeous and sweet cover I have ever seen. I love your art style, and it really matches the music that tNaS make, I find.

Mike Piontek

Mike Piontek wrote on January 7, 2006:

Thanks for the kind words!

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