Macromedia makes it clear: Flash isn’t quite there yet

I decided the other day that it was time I bought Macromedia Studio MX 2004. So I headed over to and went to their store, naturally. Their store is done entirely in Flash. It was, without a doubt, the… Read more »

Missed Marketing Opportunity

I got a couple of books from Amazon today. I read a few pages of one and then tried to find something to use as a bookmark. Amazon sent some ads with my order, but they were on large, somewhat thin pieces of paper. If… Read more »

An Office Away From Home, Part Two

I’m at the end of my travels now, after spending an extra week at my girlfriend’s apartment. All in all it went remarkably well. I got a fair bit of work done and barely missed my home setup. The large screen and my… Read more »

Guidelines for Accessible and Usable Web Sites

Guidelines for Accessible and Usable Web Sites: Observing Users Who Work With Screen Readers gives a great look into how people use screen readers in the real world. There’s a lot of good advice to be found here, for… Read more »

Navigation Blindness

Navigation Blindness by Henrik Olsen is an interesting article on how most users ignore web site navigation tools, and what to do about it. It’s quite an eye-opener, dismissing practices that many designers consider… Read more »

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