Junecloud: coming soon

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Tense Code 3.0: a new look and iPhone support

This entry is part of a series showing off the new features in Tense Code 3.0. Tense Code is a content management system that makes creating and updating web sites much easier. Tense Code 3.0 is in the middle of an… Read more »

Sending a web page as an email

First off, let me preface this by saying that I don’t recommend sending just any web page by email. In general, email clients are much picker than web browsers and can vary quite a bit in how HTML is displayed. If… Read more »

Tense Log 2.1 beta 2 now available! (Updated)

Above: the Tense Log crop tool, a new feature in version 2.1 This is a pretty big update to Tense Log! Perhaps the most exciting change is the greatly improved setup process and increased compatibility. Installation… Read more »

A List Apart Web Design Survey

A List Apart is starting an annual web design survey this year, to learn more about web professionals. I’m looking forward to hearing the results! Read more »

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