October 21, 2009. Recently we released new versions of Delivery Status touch for the iPhone and iPod touch, and our Delivery Status Dashboard widget for Mac. I’ve already written in length about the new iPhone app but I thought the widget deserved some words of its own. The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m honestly surprised by how many compliments and donations we’ve received. (No other… Read more »

October 13, 2009. Update: I believe this bug is fixed in 10.6.2 which is now available. If you want to disable this script, just open Lingon, select com.junecloud.netcheck on the left, and uncheck the “Enabled” box. I’ll leave this article here since the concepts may be useful for other things. I recently bought a Mac mini to set up as a file server at home, and I’ve run into this fun problem in Snow Leopard:… Read more »

September 22, 2009. An all new interface! Swipe to delete, reorder deliveries directly, and browse your details faster. When we first ported Delivery Status to the iPhone, it was a bit of a rush job. Apple only gave select developers early access to the iPhone developer’s kit, and we weren’t one of them. We had some experience with Objective-C and Cocoa, but not much. The SDK was also in its early stages—many… Read more »

September 22, 2009. This beta is now closed. Thanks everyone for your help! Thanks for your interest in beta testing Delivery Status! Things you can help with: • Of course, if you run into any problems please let me know. If you have a problem, open the Console app, look for any relevant errors there, and send them to me along with a detailed description of the problem and what you were doing when it… Read more »

September 22, 2009. Someone asked me recently if it’s possible to subscribe to an RSS feed from a Junecode site. The subscription feature, which adds entries from another site to your own, can only be used with other sites that use the same installation of Junecode. You can display entries from an RSS feed on your site though, using one of the included plug-ins. (It’s in code/sites/plugins/plugin.rss.php if you want… Read more »