iLounge includes Delivery Status among the top 100 apps and games for the iPhone

This was a nice surprise today: iLounge, arguably the top site for iPod and iPhone reviews and news, released their 2009 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide. Among other things, the guide includes their “100 Best iPhone and iPod touch Apps and Games”, and I’m proud to see Delivery Status touch on that list! It’s very flattering to be listed alongside other top apps like Twitteriffic and Facebook.

I’d missed it previously, but they also published a review on their site a couple weeks ago, including this kind quote:

“Simply put, this interface is as nice as any we’ve seen for this functionality—Apple should really include this app with the iPhone OS.” — iLounge

Very generous praise! They gave it an A-. Maybe with the big 2.0 update we can get that up to an A+!


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Fubiz wrote on November 20, 2008:

Congrats for your works.


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